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Project Highlight: The Toys"R"Us and Babies"R"Us Great Deals Tool

The Great Deals Store Tool was built to increase productivity for the web dev, website experience and digital merchant teams. This web application reduced digital department headcount need by 2 FTEs!


Kim built a tool for the Great Deals Stores that is easy to use and has been an important asset to our team. Simply put, it is awesome! The Great Deals store is important for our company to showcase our best digital promotions for Toys”R”Us and Babies”R”Us. Creating these stores were very time consuming until this new tool. We are now able to copy all our deals into spreadsheets that can easily be loaded into the system. We can generate test links that look exactly like the deal stores, and can manipulate the dates to see time specific deals fall in and out of the store – a feature that is very necessary for tracking our deals during season. The GDS tool has been great for our team, has prevented us from waking up at 6am every morning to check the deals and has fostered trust in our team that the stores will go live every week.

- David, Website Experience Team / BRU GDS Manager


* create an unlimited number of great deals stores, each with their own set of categories and deals

* easily add new deals and categories

* load deals to the database in bulk by importing spreadsheets

* dynamically generate test links

* any user can change the date and hour on the test links to simulate what will change in production as deals fall in and out

* easily submit great deals stores to the web dev team for scheduling

* automatically generates validated code which the web dev team can use "as is" in production


The tool Kim built to manage the Great Deals Stores has made my job much easier. I no longer have to manually process excel files, create test links to send out to other teams (they are now generated on the fly), and it automatically checks everything to make sure it will validate in our CMS. This has been a huge time saver for me!

- Vijay, Web Development Team / GDS Manager


I have been using the tool daily for 6 months now and I can gladly say it is a huge help to me. I use it make sure the deals print matches our weekly insert’s text, checking for special characters, and making sure images and offer links work. My favorite “feature” is being able to preview the deal grid for any date that week. This feature helps me be proactive and catch minor errors before they are push lived on our website.

- Arthur, Website Experience Team / TRU GDS Manager

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